The Best Diving Places In Goa

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Scuba diving is an exciting form of diving wherein a diver equipped with a diving mask and some other essential equipment can go underwater and see fish, coral and other fascinating things under water. Scuba diving in Goa helps you gain a better knowledge of the underwater marine life. Most divers who explore the waters in India often include Goan dive sites in their itinerary.

Sites In Goa For Diving

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There are various dive destinations in Goa and most of them have excellent dive sites. Some of these places are: Mararikulam dive site, Kumbhalthur Dive Site, Prambanambalam dive site and Anjuna Dive Site. You can also visit the famous dive sites located in the southern part of Goa. Some of them include Baga Beach, Dona Paula, Deora, Anjuna and Parapana.

The best part about scuba diving is that the place in Goa where you intend to dive is not at all expensive. Some of the dive sites in Goa have diving camps or instructors who can teach you the necessary diving skills. There are also many diving courses available to the beginners. The price of the courses will depend on the duration of the lessons and whether you want to join them as a part time or full time course.

Training Classes By Diving Organizations

A person swimming in a body of water

If you are going for a scuba diving adventure in Goa you will find various diving organizations offering training classes. A few of them are: The Dive Centre, Scuba Diver, The Dive Masters, The Scuba Association of India, Scuba Masters International, and Cancun dive center.

Scuba diving can be done at any of the dive sites of Goa but it is advisable that you should know your destination well before embarking on the journey. You must know well the currents and the prevailing weather conditions at your destination. This is because a certain dive site may offer you different conditions while you are diving than the same site at a different place.

In scuba diving you get to see sea life like the reef sharks and turtles, schools of fish, schools of moray eels, and a lot of other fascinating animals like snails, crabs and so onyx. Scuba diving is very much enjoyable and interesting if you are surrounded by the ocean or sea environment. While in scuba diving you get to see marine fishes, coral reefs, underwater structures like caves, caverns and the likes. At most of the diving sites in Goa you will also learn to identify the underwater flora and fauna of the place.

Opportunity To View Different Varieties Of Coral

Scuba diving also gives you the opportunity to view different varieties of coral. You can also watch live animals and also the marine life living around you.

While in the dive sites you can observe some sea creatures such as the barracudas, rays, fish and many other sea creatures. Some diving sites even offer a swimming pool where you can practice your water skiing.

There are several dive sites of Goa which have marine fishes and marine turtles. These dive sites also offer you with various types of fish and sea animals and they are really quite interesting to observe.


If you want to learn how to dive at a dive site then you must make sure that the instructor is qualified in teaching people the skills to dive. The instructor will teach you how to dive using the different methods such as the dry weight technique and also using the air tank. You can also learn how to use a float to dive deeper parts of the ocean.

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