The Best Deep Sea Diving Locations In The World

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Deep-sea diving is the human activity of diving underwater to interact with the marine environment. The minimum depth required for the activity to be called deep-diving differs from community to community. Generally, though, diving to a depth below 18 meters is considered deep-sea diving.

The best locations are rated according to their accessibility, topography, historical interest, presence of artifacts like shipwrecks, variety of marine life and favorable weather conditions and water clarity. Read on for 5 of the best deep-sea diving locations in the world.  

The Best Deep-Sea Diving Locations In The World
The Best Deep-Sea Diving Locations In The World

Deep-Sea Diving At Barracuda Point, Malaysia

This dive location is named after the numerous barracudas that can be seen when diving here. Other than the barracuda, there is a wide array of large marine creatures such as reef sharks. You will also find coral, white tips, grouper, turtles and bumphead parrotfish.

This site is not seasonal. it offers a great diving experience any time during the year

Explore A Shipwreck At The Yongala, Australia

This is a shipwreck site off the coast of Queensland Australia. It’s a popular dive location for many reasons including the presence of the Yongala shipwreck, coral and a wide variety of sea animals. For instance, you can expect to see sea snakes, octopuses, blue sharks and lots of fish.

Deep-Sea Diving At Blue Corner Wall, Palau

This dive is known for a wide range of pelagic marine life (fish that live in the middle depths of the sea). The visibility at this site is also very good as you will be able to see up to a depth of 30 meters. You can expect to see sharks, barracuda and eagle rays.

Palau is a nation that deeply relies on the diving industry. Currently, more than 40% of its income comes from divers. It is on its way to becoming the world’s first country that is a marine reserve. This is because all of its ocean territories will become an underwater sanctuary.

The Best Deep-Sea Diving Locations In The World
The Best Deep-Sea Diving Locations In The World

Wreck-Diving At Thistlegorm, Egypt

The Thistlegorm is another shipwreck that is loved by divers. The Times listed it as one of the top 10 diving sites in the world. It is located on the Egyptian red sea in Egypt. The ship was very large, and it carried several interesting items including Bedford trucks, Universal Carrier armored vehicles, and two steam vehicles.

Other than the shipwreck this site is home to a wide variety of marine life. Divers get to see barracuda, tuna, sea turtles, moray eels and many other fish. Exploring this shipwreck takes a lot of time, hence you may need to do several dives to completely explore it.

Night Diving At Manta-Ray, Hawaii

This site is named after its main attraction – The Manta Ray of Hawaii. There are night lights on the seabed which attracts plankton, the staple diet for manta rays. You will have an unforgettable diving experience because the fish are numerous and swim very close to you sometimes even bumping into you.

Those are our 5 best diving locations in the world. What are yours? Let us know in the comments.

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