The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer

The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer

Water sports are some of the best activities to take part in while on vacation. Unfortunately, novice swimmers often watch from the side-lines afraid of taking part and drowning. There are, however, quite a few water sports that new swimmers can safely take part in. Read on for 5 of the best water sports for them.


Snorkeling is a non-competitive sport that involves swimming through water while wearing a snorkel, diving mask, and swim fins. For safety reasons, novice swimmers would also wear lifejackets to keep them afloat. The appeal of snorkeling is that it allows you to closely observe underwater life.

For beginner swimmers, the best snorkeling experiences come from shallow waters that still have an active sea life. An example is Nalusuan Island in the Philippines. The depth of water on this island is between 1 to 2 meters so you can even stand as you dip your head underwater to see the vibrant sea life. New swimmers should always go snorkeling with an experienced swimmer.

Underwater Sea Walking

This water sport involves wearing a see-through oxygen mask and walking on the seabed while observing all the underwater life. Some great destinations to do this include Dubai and Bali. An instructor always accompanies you and the activity requires no special skill except breathing.

Jet-Skiing – The Most Popular Of Water Sports

The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer
The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer

This sport involves driving a personal water vehicle known as a jet ski as fast as you can through the water. It’s an exhilarating experience, even for new swimmers. Before embarking onto the sea, you will be given safety instructions on how to drive the vehicle and what to do if you fall off into the water.

The sport is safe because you will be wearing a lifejacket throughout the activity. If you fall into the water the life jacket will help you float above the water and a lifeguard can come to rescue you. Alternatively, you can also jet-ski together with an instructor.

Water Sports That Involve Boating Activities

The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer
The 5 Best Water Sports If You Are A New Swimmer

There are quite a few boating activities that new swimmers can have fun with. The first one is paddleboats whereby a couple of people pedal a boat through the water. This activity rarely leads to any contact with water unless an accident causes the paddle boat to topple over.

Secondly, we have kayaking which involves moving a boat-like item across the water using paddles. It doesn’t require swimming skills but does need a lot of muscular strength for paddling.

Finally, there is water-tubing. In this activity, you will lie on a circular floating tube that is tied to a jet ski and hold on to its sides. Someone will drive the jet ski and you will be dragged along behind it. The activity is especially fun when you get hit by waves.


This water sport involves being dragged behind a boat with a parasail (a type of parachute) attached to your back. As the boat drives speedily through the water you get lifted into the air and can see the sea from above. It is an exhilarating experience that does not require expert swimming skills. You will still require a lifejacket in case you fall into the water.

Those are our top 5 water sports for novice swimmers. Did we miss any out? Let us know in the comments.


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