Shark Diving: The Best 8 Spots In The World To Encounter Sharks

Shark Diving: The Best 8 Spots In The World To Encounter Sharks

Shark Diving: Best 8 Spots In The World To Encounter Sharks

There are several species of shark that can be found in the water. Starting from hammerheads to bamboo sharks, it is definite that you will come across at least one of these species during your scuba diving or snorkeling. Thus, if you are one of them who wants to try shark diving, then go ahead and read the list of places mentioned below. These destinations will allow you to experience the best shark encounters.

Shark Diving: The Best 8 Spots In The World To Encounter Sharks

Shark Diving: Bajo Alcyone In Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Cocos Island is situated quite at a distance from the mainland of Costa Rica. However, this place is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations to come across a hammerhead shark during diving. Cocos island also attracts a few other species of sharks as well. 

Shark Diving: Monad Shoal In Malapascua, Philippines

The Philippines is blessed with hundreds of islands and almost all of these islands have hundreds of shark species living inside the water. There are reef sharks, zebra sharks, and whale sharks. So, if you are enthusiastic to see the wild-tailed shark, plan your diving vacation to the Philippines. 

Shark Diving: Gordon Rocks – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos islands have various species of sharks living under the giant water bodies. Similar to many other famous diving spots, the Galapagos Islands are also famous for the hammerhead sharks. You can have a safe and memorable encounter with this variation of shark in these islands.

Shark Diving: Tiger Beach – Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas

Famous for the sandy beaches, this place is also well-known for the unique breeds of sharks living under the water. It is also considered to be the best diving destination in the world. There are reef sharks, hammerheads and oceanic whitetips all living inside the gorgeous island. However, among so many other destinations in the Bahamas, the best one is Tiger Beach. 

Pipín – Jardines de la Reina, Cuba

You will come across an abundance of shark here! Among all other species, the Caribbean reef shark is the most famous one. However, the Jardines de la Reina in Cuba is becoming one of the most attractive shark diving destinations in the world.

Gladden Spit Whale Shark Dive – Placencia, Belize

The well-known Gladden Spit near Placencia is the next one on the list. You will meet up with these huge creatures, who come to the dive area in search of their food. The perfect time to encounter the sharks is immediately after and before the full moon. 

Shark Diving: The Best 8 Spots In The World To Encounter Sharks

Shark Dive – Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

This place has been famous for shark diving for so many years now. Various species show up which include the bull sharks, nurse, lemon, white-tip, silvertip, gray, black-tip and even tiger sharks.

Isla Guadalupe In Mexico

You can use the huge cages to have an open at the time a safe encounter of the great white sharks. Thus, if are you curious to witness the white sharks, Isla Guadalupe in Mexico can be a great destination for you to go diving. 

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