Scuba Diving In The UK - All The Great Places You Must Know About - Scuba Diving In The UK - All The Great Places You Must Know About -

Scuba Diving In The UK – All The Great Places You Must Know About

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The United Kingdom, consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England itself, is a dynamic, multicultural island country in western Europe. England, home of The Beatles and Shakespeare, is home to a wide-ranging capital, London. London is also a world-class arts and research centre, the site of world-class museums, galleries and architectural buildings.

Best Places For Scuba Diving

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The Great Britain and Europe Coastline are two of the most popular and famous diving locations in the UK. The Great Britain and Europe Coastline boast some fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling. In the south west of England lies the Hebrides with Shetland islands and Orkney Islands in its fold. Between the Hebrides and Scotland lie some of the deepest, best-protected marine sites. Some of the deepest marine sanctuaries in Europe are found in the Hebrides in the Western Highlands and Shetland.

The South Atlantic Heron Island

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The South Atlantic Heron Island in the Caribbean is a popular scuba diving destination, as it is volcanic, offering a good variety of diving sites. Also, unlike the other locations in the Caribbean, Shetland has no ferries and boats to get around. The island’s only airport is the Shetland Islands Trust, which is only accessible by ferry from the Foulkes ferry terminal. Foulkes is the only major airport in the Shetland Islands and the nearest land-based airport to Shetland is in Newport. Between April and October, Heron Island is closed to all but walkers.

The Bermuda islands

Another popular scuba diving holiday destination is the Bermuda islands. This archipelago consists of three habitable islands, namely Long Island, Main, and Engraim. Although the islands are very large, there are still plenty of scuba diving places in UK for divers to visit. The islands have a lot of open sea because it is an inflatable island, so it is important to remember that it does not have any coral reefs and thus must be explored with care.

If you want to get to a good location where you can scuba diving in UK, then it would be better if you take a trip to Northern Ireland. Here, you can dive the famous Queen Mary 2, which is about thirty-three metres in length. In addition to that, you can also explore the submerged remains of the Lough Boog Island and the submerged remains of the British soldiership, ‘The Wartime.’ There are also many wrecks here to explore, and if you are into wreck diving you will find a good deal of interesting wrecks to dive in.

The Shetland Islands

Another good diving site is the Shetland Islands. These are known as the British Isles, because they are so big. If you want to go scuba diving here, you must take a boat or even take a walk over the Shetland Islands to find good diving spots. You will probably find the Northumberland Channel and the Firth and Lakeland to be your best options for finding good diving spots here, as these are the clearest waters around. However, if you want to venture further afield, you can always try the Blyde River in Scotland.

If you want a less populated place for scuba diving in UK, then it would be a good idea to visit the Cornish Islands. These islands are made up of six islands and, because of its compactness, it is easy for the divers to explore more than just one place here. One of the best places here is the Lost Man Island, which has its own ecosystem and is home to several tropical fish and other underwater creatures. The reefs around this island are particularly beautiful, and there are also many wrecks here that you can dive into.


If you want to find some great scuba diving in UK options, you should head over to France. This country is home to some great scuba diving spots, including the sites of La Barge Marine Research Centre, which is located near the town of Le Havre. If you like to look at sunken ships, you can do so near the port of Cherbourg, and there are so many wrecks here that it is possible to find a wreck or a cave you can scuba dive into. You can also take a tour of the French Riviera by scuba diving, as there are numerous dive centres here that you can hire from.

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