How To Find Scuba Diving Places In Andaman

Scuba Diving Places in Andaman

The Andaman Islands are a series of tiny Indian archipelagos in the Bay of Bengal. These roughly 300 small islands are famous for their white sand beaches, palm-lined beaches and beautiful tropical rainforests.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Andaman Island is also an indigenous Indian abode. The locals are famous for their hospitality. They offer great food, clean and safe beaches and, most importantly, warm hospitality. However, the tourists can be in for some surprises.

The abodes have been inhabited by several people, most of them descendants of British soldiers who left India after World War II. Some of these people still live on the islands, while the rest of them have migrated to cities and towns. Some of them settled in India as well, while others came to the islands to study, to seek a higher education or to start a business.

Opening Small Restaurants

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The abodes are still inhabited by a lot of people today and you may find some of them in the southern areas of the island, especially on the fringes of the mangrove forests and the beaches. Some of them have adapted to modern living by opening small restaurants and shopping malls on the beach.These diving spots are mostly in shallow water and will only require your supervision.

However, the most popular abodes are those in the northern part of the islands. Some of these diving spots are in waters that are too deep for snorkelers and the visibility is excellent, so even if you do not have diving experience, you can still enjoy the scuba diving activities.

Abodes near the beaches will provide excellent snorkelers with some interesting locations and coral reefs. One of the most popular abodes is Kavaratti abode in Gooronliwaddy, where you will see a great variety of coral species like the corallina, abalone and rock rose, as well as some corals like the pink coral.

Berma Reef

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The other popular spot in Andaman is the Berma Reef, a group of eight islands south of Mumbai. The underwater terrain is covered with coral that allows you to see colorful fish. The diving sites in this abode are also colorful and the visibility is excellent. The diving spot is surrounded by water surrounding a large number of coral reefs and a variety of other aquatic animals like sea horses, turtles and a few varieties of fish.

In addition to the abodes listed above, there are still some other abodes where scuba divers go to learn more about marine life and explore their amazing environment. Here are some of the popular abodes in India:

Anabur reef

This abode is an area around three kilometers from its south coast. It is full of coral and has a wide array of fishes. Most of these fishes are found in the sandbar and the abode is located close to the sandbar. Dharavi Abode – this abode is situated on the south coast of Mumbai and is not only popular for being very beautiful, it is also home to some good number of exotic fishes. Eromanga Abode – this abode is a group of seven or eight islands located in the bay of Maharashtra and provides a wonderful chance for diving.

Kumaon Abode – a good place for beginners to learn the ropes is Kumaon Abode – it is situated on the northern fringes of Mumbai. There are a variety of fishes here and the abode is relatively easy to find.

Maharashtra Abode – this abode is also an excellent one for beginners as the abode is located on the south coast of Mumbai. It offers a good variety of fishes and is easily accessible by road. Kovali abode – this abode is popular for its coral reefs and is a good place for novice divers.

Final Words

In fact, the list of scuba diving spots in Andaman can be very long but these are just the basics. There are many others and you can do some research on the Internet to find out more about them.

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