Finding Deep Sea Diving Jobs – Where to Find These Jobs

deep sea diving jobs

If you’re a true adrenaline junkie and have been bitten by the deep-sea diving bug, you have probably found yourself searching for deep-sea diving jobs to pursue. There are a lot of places you can go looking for a job in the ocean.

One of the best places for diving jobs is on Craigslist. This is a great place to find work because there are so many people posting jobs looking for experience, or to get some training before they move on up to a job in a dive shop. This makes for a great job hunting ground.

Classified Ads Section

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Another place to look for a job is in the classified ads section of your local newspaper. These will not only give you the opportunity to search for a job, but it can give you an idea of what the competition is like. You should always take advantage of the newspaper’s free ad section.

Another good place to find a job in the deep sea is with your local radio stations. The local radio stations are great places to find diving jobs because they advertise with the local radio stations and also on their websites. Most radio stations have a local DJ who does interviews on the air for these radio shows. The radio DJ’s and hosts love to have people come in and talk about the job opportunities they have.

Another place you should check out is your local business bulletin boards. They have all sorts of announcements regarding new business openings, new products coming out, and a lot more. You could post some of your resume and maybe even your cover letter. A lot of the times you can find deep sea diving jobs just by doing a simple search in these types of bulletin boards.


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If none of these seem to work out, you might want to try the classifieds in the newspaper. There are sometimes jobs that aren’t advertised online that you can find and land a job. Just be sure that you’re looking at the right job before you sign up for anything. If you are looking for a job as a lifeguard or someone who helps the Navy with deep-sea diving then doesn’t think you can get a job at Walmart, because you’re not supposed to wear clothing with the U.S. flag on it, and they don’t carry life jackets with the U.S. flag on them.

Searching the classifieds in the newspaper is a great way to find a job and find a niche market. because it allows you to search by geographic location and other specific fields. There are a lot of jobs out there that are just waiting to be discovered.

What More To Know About Diving Jobs?

Don’t give up hope though because there is always more work to be had. The more you try and apply for more jobs, the more you’ll get called back. So don’t give up on your dream of becoming an expert deep-sea diver.

Once you start getting calls back, you might want to consider getting more education. These days many schools are opening up that offer courses for diving. You can take the courses that will get you a certificate in diving. Once you have that certificate, you will be able to apply for jobs in the field.

Even after you get your certification in diving jobs will continue to be available. Just because the economy isn’t bad, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a job with a diving company. You just need to keep working and don’t quit, because there will be plenty of time to get another job.

In A Nutshell

Don’t forget, the reason that so many people like to get into the scuba diving industry is that they enjoy diving, and want to learn more about this wonderful underwater world. Don’t just dive and get paid. There are a lot of things that can come from being an expert.

Just because you want to know more about scuba diving and you want to get into this industry doesn’t mean that you have to dive without any education. There are lots of ways to become an expert in this industry. You just need to take action and get started. Find a good certification program and you will be well on your way to diving success.

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