Extreme Sports: Is Snorkeling Considered One Of Them?

Extreme Sports: Let's Discuss Snorkeling As An Extreme Sport

The term “extreme sports” became famous in the 1990s. However, the history of the term is not very clear. Extreme sports refer to activities that are unusual and the person taking part in such sports is subjected to various physical challenges and dangers. These challenges include speed, height, depth, and many other natural forces.  

Some examples include skateboarding, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and mountain biking.

Extreme Sports: Let's Discuss Snorkeling As An Extreme Sport
Extreme Sports: Is Snorkeling Considered One Of Them?


Apart from being an extreme sport, snorkeling is also one of the most preferred leisure activities. The best thing about this sport is that it doesn’t require a lot of equipment compared to scuba diving.


Skateboarding is an extreme sport where the person performs the activity using a skateboard. There are many famous skateboarders all over the world.

Mountain Biking

As the name suggests, this is a biking activity that is performed on rough surfaces like rough terrain, unlike regular biking that is done on roads. Bikers use specialized mountain bikes in this case.


Snowboarding is quite similar to skateboarding. However, this is done over the snow. The idea of snowboarding is believed to have been influenced by sledding, skiing, and surfing.  

These were some of the best extreme sports that you must experience once in your lifetime. Always take care of your safety whenever you indulge in these kinds of extreme sports, as we were discussing Snorkeling as one of the extreme sports, let’s see some tools which will help us in experiencing this sport to the fullest and with utmost safety.

Snorkeling Aqua Lung Express Full Foot Fins


  • These fins have pads that protect you from slipping around. 
  • They are just perfect fins for scuba divers as well. 

Snorkeling Mares Avanti Super-Channel Full Foot Fins


  • These foot fins have an open toe.
  • They cover the entire foot of the person.
  • The blade of the fins is made of three channels.
  • They come with foot pockets.
  • The rubber of the fins is Tecralene and Thermoplastic.
  • They are good for both scuba diving and snorkeling.

Head Volo One Snorkel Fins


  • The blades of this pair are medium in length.
  • Their efficiency is double as compared to many other fins.
  • The creators used Optimized Pivoting Blade to design this pair of fins.
  • The heel straps are adjustable.
  • The buckle of the fins can be released easily and quickly.
  • They are budget-friendly.

SEAC Men’s Warmdry 4mm Neoprene Drysuit


  • Compressed neoprene is the material of the suit.
  • The suit also has a hood that protects the head
  • Available in different sizes
  • It is a perfect value for money.
  • The pocket on the thigh area is sturdy.

Hollis BX200 BioDry Rear Entry Drysuit


  • The material of this drysuit is very flexible.
  • You also get two pockets to store accessories.
  • The suit fits really well.

ScubaPro Women’s ExoDry Drysuit

Extreme Sports: Let's Discuss Snorkeling As An Extreme Sport
Extreme Sports: Is Snorkeling Considered One Of Them?


  • This drysuit is quite stylish
  • It fits perfectly to the body.
  • There are various ranges of sizes available.
  • The suit is especially comfortable near the neck and wrists area.
  • There is also a quick-disconnect hose.

I hope this article helps to choose your favorite snorkeling gear!

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