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3 Best Scuba Diving Places From Hong Kong You Cannot Miss If You Are Diving Lover

scuba diving places from hong kong

A hub of beautiful attractions, sky-diving sites, outstanding parks, and high historical buildings, Hong Kong is a place that grabs the attention of many travelers. The friendly localities and peaceful environment have created Hong Kong, a sister of NYC. Apart from that, this city is perfect for those who are always searching for adventurous activities, especially scuba diving. So, if you are one among them who are always searching for unique destinations to take your diving spirit to the next level, you have moved to the right page. Here you will explore five amazing scuba diving places from Hong Kong. Let’s take a dive:

Sharp Island:

A man swimming in the water

Want to improve your sky diving skills? If yes!!! Then nothing can be better than Sharp Island. The reason being, this site has a great training ground that will help you to build or improve your sky diving skills.

The best thing about Sharp Island is that it is just 10 minutes away from Sai Kung if you take a boat. Apart from being a popular destination for scuba diving, the option of snorkeling is also available for those who don’t want to take deep dive.

Moreover, at Sharp Island, you can find plenty of companies and individual guides that help you take safe diving and assist you in improving your diving skills.

East Dam:

A close up of a bridge

The scuba diving destinations list is incomplete without the east dam. Curious to know why? There are so many reasons why the east dam is the first choice of numerous scuba divers. But some great reasons are that this dam is located in the South China Sea, which allows divers to explore the mind-blowing water species of the city. Together with this, East Dam is a hub of ancient rocks, which adds spirit to its beauty.

Ninepin Islands:

Native to the gorgeous and valuable gems of the city, Ninepin Islands is a destination that scuba divers cannot miss, especially those who love to enjoy both land and sea. Moreover, the most beautiful attraction of this place is hexagon columns that were built with volcanic erosions.

Besides having adorable treasures outside the water, this scuba diving site is full of alluring marine creatures such as octopus, Chromis fumes, and so on.

Right Time For Scuba Diving In These Beautiful Places:

Hong Kong is heaven on the planet for both novice and pro divers as they can practice new skills and take their dive to the next level. So, if you are planning a trip to Hong Kong to enjoy scuba diving, it is highly recommended to schedule your journey from March to November. Together with this, we also suggest you avoid July and August because the water temperatures are very high in these months. Moreover, if you want to capture the beauty of marine wildlife and coral reefs, then you must plan to take your Hong Kong trip in September or October.

Final Thoughts:

These are the best and most lovely scuba diving places from Hong Kong. So, pick one which you like the most and get great diving experiences.

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